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Hi.  My name is Dean Ellis. I live in Montana. Thank you for visiting my website.  If you want to talk forging, knives or anything else related to blacksmithing, just give me a call.  All of my blacksmithing is done on a coke fired forge.  I have a passion for making knives but I also do some other blacksmithing when the mood strikes me.

I like the look of some old period knives so that is what my style is based on.  I hand forge each blade, spring and bolster so each knife is unique.  The metal is usually blued or browned to give it a period look, but I can leave it polished. I generally use 52100 steel because it makes a good working knife and that is what I like.  I also make forge welded damascus for blades.  Bolster material is either turn of the century wrought iron (some from bolts found at a Montana mine site), stainless steel, brass or damascus (forged from chainsaw, motorcycle, bicycle chain, or wire cable).  I use natural materials for the handles such as wooly mammoth ivory, oosic (google that!), sheep or elk horn, giraffe, camel or buffalo bone.

I started out making fixed blade knives, but enjoy the challenge of folders - friction, lockback and slipjoint.  I still make fixed blades.  My newest challenge is an integral fixed blade where the bolster is part  of the knife blade.

I do 100% of the work on each knife myself from creating the pattern to putting the final edge on each blade.  Click HERE to see a little about assembly.