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One of the things that intrigues me about blacksmithing is that it never gets boring.  If I need a break from knife making, I can make a variety of hooks, wall sconces, decorative shelf brackets, horseshoe bottle openers, b-b-q forks or whatever else I (or anyone) can dream up. I've been making custom tables lately.  If I don't have the tools I need, so much the better - I make them too.  I also enjoy when people come to me with ideas for something they want smithed.  I've done custom shelf brackets, stands for photos on salvaged roof slate and specialized tools.  If you have a need or a want for something a little different, give me a call or email me.

Wall sconces are so versatile and make quite a visual impact whether lit or not.  Each comes with a glass sconce and a 1/4" squarehead lag bolt for hanging.  The sconce holds a standard votive candle, or you can be creative and add colored rock or glass and a battery operated candle. 

These custom order brackets were built to go under a kitchen bar. to add decoration and strength.

Leaf hooks are made from 3/8" or 1/2" squarestock, depending on what it will be used for and include a 1/4" squarehead lag bolt for hanging.  Very versatile and fit almost any decor from bathroom, kitchen, living room, even the garage (extension cord holder).  Make great gifts too. 

Order # LFHOOK01    Price: $25

Bottle Opener forged from half a horsehoe.  Looks great hanging by the reins on a nail or hook.
Specify head facing right or left.

RIGHT: Order # RBTLHRS01   Price: $30
LEFT:   Order # LBTLHRS01   Price: $30

Nothing wimpy about this B-B-Q Fork.  The sharp tines can easily handle any steak while the bottle opener on the handle pops the lid off a refreshing beer.  Can also be ordered without the bottle opener in various handle designs.
Woodworking is not my thing, but sometimes it just has to be done, like when the wife comes up with an idea like this. 
I made these for a guy who uses them to split rocks for making stone slabs for tables, benches, etc.

The original purpose of this item was to connect  chains to livestock harnesses.

Designing this candelabra to satisfy my (and the wife's) specifications was challenging, but fun.  There are 11 separate pieces:  The base, the main stem with the top leaf and 9 separate adjustable leaves.  The stem is made from 1/2" roundstock while the leaves are flatstock.  A hole drifted in the base of each leaf stem slides up the main stem and the leaf acts as a counterweight to hold it in place.  A hole is drifted in 3 of the leaves to hold a candle.  The base is 1/2" steel plate.  We first lit this on Christmas Eve.  Several days later it came in very handy during an extended power outage.

12"/Top Leaf Right
16"/Top Leaf Left
12" Length/Top Leaf Right  Order #   RSCO12    Price: $75
12" Length/Top Leaf Left    Order #   LSCO12    Price  $75
16" Length/Top Leaf Right  Order #   RSCO16    Price $100
16" Length/Top Leaf Left    Order #   LSCO16    Price $100

Order # BBQF01   Price: $50

Photographer: Mary Heilman Asmus

This table was custom made for the photographer.  She chose to do the table top  herself which didn't hurt my feelings.  I'd rather play with hot metal!

If you are interested in a custom table, please contact me for a quote.